Dropping Life’s Anchors  | Raw & UNscripted w/Christopher Rausch

Tuesdays @ 7pm (pst) / 10pm (est)

  • How would YOU FEEL if YOU let go of old beliefs and identities that are dragging YOU down?
  • Imagine the freedom, peace, and clarity YOU will gain by letting go of old beliefs and identities!
  • What untapped potential can YOU unleash and create a KICKASS legacy for YOU?

Please join me LIVE Tues, 09/21/2021 @ 7pm (PST) as I flow on the extremely important and timely topic of surrendering what is clearly no longer serving our greater good.

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Listen, let’s just be fucking honest – many of us are feeling overwhelmed, scattered, and just uncertain of what is going to happen next.

Imagine being able to catch yourself before you go down a negative rabbit hole? Picture yourself handling what is currently stressing you out with greater mindset control and deeper inner peace? Liking the sounds of this?

Hit me up privately if you have a specific issue you are struggling with and I’ll answer it on air but keep your identity private. I’m certain if you are dealing with it that others are too! Your courage now could help someone later! #ThinkAboutIt

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No doubt this conversation will provide tons of #inspiration and #motivation to potentially change your #Perspective and #Mindset! Bring your favorite note-taking tools and let’s make the changes we need to move to the next level of our life!

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Are YOU READY #KickassNation #MisFits4Life???