– Savings Offer valid until Monday, June 7th. (Single price: $895 or for two $1200)

– Starts: Monday, June 7th @ 5:00pm (PST)/ 7:30pm (CST) / 8:30pm (EST)

– Delivery: Zoom-based classes (90 minutes each). Meditations, additional activities, and a post-program one on one call with coaches are also included. Additionally, we will have a Facebook group for updates and interaction outside of class.

– Length: 12 consecutive weeks – Monday Evenings

– Payment method: Paypal

Following this course, you will be able to:

  • Easily Remove distortions in your senses so you can see the world more clearly.
  • LOVE yourself more, so you can share your LOVE with others.
  • Utilize FEAR as a launchpad to achieve ALL of your dreams.
  • Eliminate the negative self-talk that steals your happiness.
  • Identify problems vs. symptoms, so you can create a plan to overcome whatever is truly holding you back.
  • Elevate your vibration, which will promote growth in all areas of life!
  • Remove ALL excuses and start living your dream today!

This course will be offered as a college course, but way more fun…and life-changing. You will have two coaches and an accountability partner. Plan to receive weekly empowerment meditations/exercises to do on your own (think homework…but fun and challenging, and instantly useful). We will also be providing you with specific tools for daily growth, so upon completion, you will have a complete tool belt to build the future of your dreams.

All materials are included in the investment.