How to Go From Misunderstood to Moving On (15Sep2019)
Christopher Rausch
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Apr 6, 2021

Some say I am too open with my emotions and personal details of my life. Others think I have it all figured out and I’m always positive and energetic. And, of course, some think I swear too much.

Others thing I’m arrogant and too self-confident. God knows what everyone else thinks and that isn’t my concern really.

Let me ask you – have you ever felt like you were the most misunderstood person in the fucking universe???

Well, I live my life feeling that way most everyday. Despite my transparency and heart I wear on my sleeves, I feel I’m constantly being judged in some way that really couldn’t be farther from the truth.

It sucks, makes me sad, but lately is making me angry…and let me tell you…sometimes ANGER is the best “Motivation”, “Inspiration” or whatever other cool label you want to put on what really becomes PASSION & ACTION!!!

I share this with you because we often try to hang on and resurrect what WAS instead of pulling together what we do have and moving forward on our own. We hope, wish, and pray, for things to be “How they were” but they never will be again. #RawTruth

Here’s my advice:

1. Appreciate all that was and keep those positive memories in your heart

2. Move on from those who no longer get the “new” you or wish to continue to live in what was, or worse, in fears of what might be that will probably never happen

3. Put yourself first in every aspect of life but obviously take care of those who help you put yourself first

4. Stop listening to the news and politics and get the fuck off the TV and whatever else is snowing your brain so you don’t think about YOUR reality and YOUR future!!

5. Get around people who push you to move the needle on what makes you happy and who will be honest and straight and hold you accountable to become the best you can be!

6. Take one step and repeat toward what lights you up in life – and don’t fucking stop until you are doing your B.E.S.T.

B = Blood

E = Energy

S = Sweat

T = Tears

As your “No Excuses” success mentor I’m here when you have had enough. Enough of your own excuses, laziness, and lies. Your own settling for mediocrity or anything else you’ll ultimately regret later in life.

Don’t forget to become a part of The KICKASS Nation of #Misfits4Life at my site so you don’t miss any of the cool stuff I’m bringing to you for you!!!

Much love and respect as you continue your journey!!







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