The KICKASS Radio Show Blog – Guest: Bill Packard – “Creating and Promoting KICKASS Customer Service” – November 18th, 2013
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It’s all around us – customer service! At the fast food joint, at the service shop, at any retail store, and even online. You can’t escape it!!

Some would say they’re in the “customer service business” if they provide a specific product or service right? But also you need to consider you’re in the customer service business NO matter what YOU do! Let me explain!

Say for example you work a traditional 9-5 job. Wouldn’t you say you provide customer service to your coworkers and other departments with the work you do? Aren’t you really providing customer service to your boss as well?

Listen, your reputation is EVERYWHERE these days!!

My guest this week on The KICKASS Radio Show was Bill Packard – Mr. Customer! Bill is in the business of teaching small business owners how to retain, but also build their customer fan base! He shared with my listeners FIVE KICKASS tips all centered on providing excellent customer service.


Bill shared this simple, yet often missed tip with our listeners. Let me ask you: How do you feel when you see people having fun? You probably feel like “Hey – let me get in on some of that” right? So, imagine how customers feel when they’re around you when you’re loving your job!

“But Christopher, I hate my job!” To that I say, find a new one! Listen, life is too fucking short to spend ¾ of your day miserable and crying in the bathroom during break! Week after week, month after month, and God forbid, year after year! C’mon, get a plan going and chip away at it piece by piece!

This tip really applies to you business owners out there! Create a playground workplace where you and your team have a blast with what you do! When your staff is happy and having fun, you’re customers will want in on it too! It’s infectious!


 Again, seems like a no-brainer right? Well, again, you’d be surprised, or not, at just how many people focus more on themselves and their products than they do their paying customers!!

Be sure you know what your customers expect. Whether internal person to person, department to department customer service, or especially as a business entrepreneur. It doesn’t take much to find out – ya just gotta ask J But more importantly, LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!


As you know, you click with like-minded people right? Well, the same goes for your customers. But first, ya gotta know your core values. What do YOU stand for? What are your personal commitments you pride yourself on promoting and demonstrating on a consistent basis? Knowing and sharing these will attract customers who appreciate what you bring to the table! Plus, it’ll give you a benchmark to grade yourself with from time to time – make sure you’re not drifting!

In the interview Bill shares his ideas on his “Think Like a Customer” motto! Be sure to check it out for yourself!

Also, please make sure you’re team understands and shares your same values. Don’t hire people just to have them fog a mirror! NO! Hire KICKASS people who you can consider to be an extension of YOU!


Nothing wreaks of shitty customer service than employees who can’t make a single decision without having to ask the boss first! Ever had that happen? Go into a place of business looking for some service and no one has any authority to do jack shit to help you? Frustrating isn’t it? Doesn’t make you wanna go back again does it?

My suggestion is this: Establish a dollar amount your employees can use as a gauge for providing on the spot customer service! Say $50 and they can return and item, give a discount, or whatever it takes to make the customer feel appreciated and served!


Or is it? Hmmm…. J

I hope by now you’re seeing a theme here. Yes, that although it isn’t rocket science, it does take some careful thinking and planning to keep and grow your customer fan base!

Unfortunately, and sadly, all too often as business owners and bosses, we overlook the low-hanging fruit while we’re trying to solve for something that probably hasn’t and won’t even happen!

Quit overthinking shit and get your team together to create a customer service campaign that’s fun and most off all SERVES THE CUSTOMER!!!

To listen to the actual show, please visit iTunes at and while you’re at it, check out some of the other KICKASS shows! You can even subscribe if you like – that way you’ll never miss a single show!

We’ve had some TREMENDOUS guests who’ve shared a wealth of lifetime advice you can’t put a price on – and it’s FREE to you!

I’d love your comments, suggestions, and whatever else that floats your boat about the topic of customer service!

Also, if you have a show idea, or a KICKASS guest who I should talk to, please shoot me an email at [email protected]

Until next time, wishing YOU all the KICKASS success you go after!!




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