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March 5, 2021
Where Do I Start???
Christopher Rausch
January 10, 2013



Christopher Rausch here welcoming you to 2013 – the year your actions are gonna speak louder than words!

It’s such a cliché this “New Year Resolutions” thing isn’t it? Well, for some it is, but for many, it represents a brand new start. A clean slate – out with the old and in with the new so we’re gonna go with it for now. Heck, maybe even Lindsay Lohan will make a goal to stay out of jail this year…but probably not LOL!

Anyway, without a doubt, every January I get a few people coming up to me asking “I have NO idea what I want to do with my life. Can you help me?” Now, if you’re in that group, sit easy cuz the Master Motivator is here to help!

Well, since the Mayans went to the same forecasting school as our weathercasters, we’re in good shape to check off some bucket list items in 2013. Now, if you’re stuck with never knowing where to start a particular goal or project, my big advice is to simply…


I’ve experienced a bunch of success by helping people simply work backwards from the end. Here’s the thing, usually we can see our goal clear as day right? So, let’s say you’ve achieved your goal.  Think about the last action you would’ve had to take to be done. Then, write down each step as you walk backwards in your mind. Suddenly you’ll find yourself with the very first action you need to take. Sure, there may be a few you can choose, but just pick one and gooooooooooo! If you’re passionate enough about whatever it is you’ll find a way to make it happen!  

Here’s another piece of advice: DO NOT GIVE UP! I know it sounds simple, but I’ve seen more people give up JUST when they were about to punch through to the other side! If the passion burns within your soul, and you get discouraged, ask for help, try new stuff, give it a break for a few days, then go back to it. Far too many people settle which is sad.

Personal Story: I officially started my speaking and coaching business back in 2008. But, truth be told, I wanted to start it back in the late 90’s but got “Analysis Paralysis.” Heard of it? Yeah, I thought about how this needed to be perfect and that needed to be done before this, and just got discouraged and continued that pattern until…



I attended a funeral. I realized helping people overcome their self-created crap was my passion! So, that very afternoon, I just got started. I did whatever, made mistakes, regrouped, surrounded myself with great people and I’m going like gangbusters today! Sure, I still get messed up, but I have confidence that no matter what, I’m on the right track!

Make a promise to yourself – promise you won’t waste PRECIOUS time in 2013 waiting, worrying, hoping, and wishing. Just DO IT!

All my best for your KICKASS happiness and success!

Christopher Rausch
 –  “The Master Motivator”


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