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Don’t Be A Dick!!!
Christopher Rausch
December 10, 2012

How many times have you uttered the phrase “Don’t be a dick!”? I know for me, it seems like it’s fucking daily!!!

Listen boys and girls, you’re here because you want KICKASS success right? Well, being a dick won’t get you there! But before I give advice, let’s talk about why people are dicks K?

Question: Why are people dicks?

  • Lack of self confidence
  • Afraid to let people see the real person
  • Believe (false) that they’ll get more friends and/or respect
  • They’ve been conditioned – that’s all they know from the people they surround themselves with
  • Because they’re just fucking stupid!!!

I could go on and one, but you get the drift right?

I’m gonna get deep here for a sec and also gonna go on a ledge too. You see, we’re all the same inside. We all want the same things – love, respect, companionship, friendship, to be needed/wanted, basically to matter somehow.

Well, dicks don’t get that naturally so they become something they’re really not. The false self is a protection crapshield attempting to not get hurt. They’ve been hurt so much they can’t take anymore so they hurt FIRST! Simply said my friends.

So, what do I think?

If you’re a dick:

  1. Put the dick away and just be the REAL YOU!
  2. Quit blaming everyone now and in your future for bullshit that happened before
  3. If people don’t like the real you – GET NEW PEOPLE!!!
  4. Be vulnerable – let yourself get hurt – it’s how we grow!!!

If you’re around a bunch of dicks:

  1. Get new friends
  2. Call them on their shit!

Take it from me, when you make fun of yourself, when you let people see your emotions, when you quit being something you’re really not, you find true happiness! Real happiness!

Lastly, consider this – if you went through the exact situations the person you’re being a dick to, you’d be EXACTLY just like them! So, we’re all the same!

Don’t be a dick – BE YOU!

Until next time… all my fucking best,


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