Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Today!
Christopher Rausch
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Apr 6, 2021


Change YOUR Attitude & Change YOUR Life!

“Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Today”

Okay, is it just me or are you ready to clock every one of your Facebook friends who thinks their comments are really going to change your choice of President??? 

Anyway, so here we are again, early October and Target is already getting the holiday decorations set-up!!! I’m like “Can’t you at LEAST wait until Halloween is over???” But, this minor freak out this led me to ask myself “Why does time seem to fly by so fast? Here’s what I think and I encourage you to share your thoughts with me too!

I think, right now, in this moment, we’re living in the present – IF we’re truly there. Unfortunately for many though, they live too much in either the past or the future, or even worse, both!

I’ll bet, if you try driving to work tomorrow morning, only looking in the rear-view mirror, you’ll crash faster than Stevie Wonder driving a Lamborghini on the Autobahn.  The point I’m trying to make is we can’t move forward in life if we’re constantly looking back! Get my drift?

But in the same respect, constantly living in the “What if?” or “Someday” world doesn’t work either. Ever hear the term “Analysis Paralysis”? It means having so much crap going on in your head you don’t do squat! But get this, time passes by NO MATTER WHAT we CHOOSE to do with it!

“Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday? Was it worth it?”

Listen, BE IN THE MOMENT! Whether you’re with the family, your car listening to sports radio, talking with a friend, be there! When you’re enjoying the present moments you’ll see time slow just a bit. But, and you know there’s always a “BUT”, take present moments to plan out what you’re gonna to do next.

For me, I like to have my 30, 60, 90 day plans right in front of me. Then, of course my 3, 5, and 10 year plans too!

I hope you enjoyed this article as well as the previous ones! Thank you again SOOOO much for the positive comments both in writing and in person. I truly, truly, truly, appreciate every one of them!

All my best for your KICKASS happiness and success!

Christopher Rausch

PS: No Stevie Wonders’ were hurt in the testing of this theory J


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